Welcome To Aachen Wellness

Welcome to Aachen Wellness, the UK’s largest wellness manufacturers. Our factory produces UK made Sauna and Steam Rooms along with a wide range of wellness treatment rooms such as: Rasul Rooms, Salt Rooms, Igloo’s or Ice Rooms, Ice pedestals, Heated Loungers, Footspas and any other bespoke design.
We supply the trade with all the required art work and modelling required to win a contract, CAD and PDF imaging bespoke to each build can be provided. Once an order is place the Aachen Wellness contracts team will manage the entire installation from the final site measure to the commissioning and electrical certification. Staff training is provided upon request.

To receive a quotation please email or fax a drawing of the available space, if you require a replacement sauna please provide a layout drawing so that we can quote like for like.

We do not expect a CAD drawing just a sketch will do!
Fax -01772 612069

The Asgard Range